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You are all meant to be leaders. That is why you signed up for this, because you want to make a difference in your school. Some of you will not lead through cheerleading next year. Some of you will lead through the Student Council, or FCA, or another school club. Many of you will be leaders in athletics and on sports teams outside of school. What I want to say is if you don’t make cheerleader it isn’t over. You can still lead through other organizations.

This list of names doesn’t change who you are, it doesn’t make you any better or worse than you were before. You are all brave, beautiful young women. Not everyone can do what you just did. The fact that you were willing to try something new in front of your peers, that is what makes you better.

This list of names doesn’t change who your friends are. Your real friends will still be there. And those wanting to be your friends now, give them a chance. They may be good people who treat you well.  It doesn’t change how you treat people either. Ladies, remember 
‚Äčthat character counts!
TMS Cheerleaders 2017-2018
Katie Bortz
Graycen Daily
Brylee Holmes
Catherine Inboden
Jacobe Krance
Emily Lowe
Elyssa McAdams
Jersee Moore
Alexa Owens
Kaitlyn Sherrod
Harleigh Sizemore
Savanah Smith
Tana Sullivan
Lindsey Tinney
Alexis Toon
Ragan Tyler‚Äč
Mascot: Dillen Cooper



Jessica Riley (Coach) – jriley@tarkingtonisd.net


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