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Distance Learning

Please visit the Distance Learning page for the Google Classroom codes and instructions.


Congratulations 2020 UIL Winners ~ 3rd Place Overall!

6th Grade Art ~ 6th Place – Alison Mathis

7th Grade Art ~ 3rd Place – Lainey Bevil  ~ 4th Place – Ashlynn Kowis

8th Grade Art ~ 1st Place – Janice Marroquin & 4th Place – Andi Santos


7th Grade Calculator~ 4th Place – Kalli Evans

8th Grade Calculator~ 3rd Place – Makaila Stutts   ~ 4th Place – Dakota Chapman


6th Grade Chess~ 5th Place – Zachary Burkett

8th Grade Chess~5th Place – Wyatt Manning   ~ 6th Place – John Walker


7th Grade Editorial Writing~ 5th Place – McKenzie Sims


6th Grade Impromptu~ 2nd Place - McKenna Gallien, 4th Place – Alison Mathis & 5th Place – Harley Lee

7th Grade Impromptu~ 1st PlaceJackson Stovall & 2nd Place – Sheridan House

8th Grade Impromptu~ 4th PlaceClaire Vandver


6th Grade Listening Skills~ 3rd Place Faith Herndon & 4th PlaceLyvia Boie

7th Grade Listening Skills~ 3rd Place Aubrey McBee & 4th Place - Alaina Lott

8th Grade Listening Skills~ 2nd Place – Adriana Evans


7th Grade Maps, Graphs & Charts~ 1st Place – Jackson Stovall & 4th Place – Hank Simpson

8th Grade Maps, Graphs & Charts~ 1st Place – Emily Engerran & 5th Place – Nevaeh Bentley


7th Grade Mathematics~ 6th Place – Lainey Bevil

8th Grade Mathematics~ 5th Place – Carson Cook & 6th Place – Raelee Greer 


7th Grade Music Memory~ 1st Place – Araceli Bautista & 5th Place - Summer Cotton

8th Grade Music Memory~ 2nd Place – Lilly Elliott, 3rd Place – Shelbie Chamblee & 6th Place – Eric Jeffcoat


6th Grade Number Sense~ 2nd Place – Calvin Ellington & 3rd Place Conner Dawson


6th  Grade Poetry~ 1st Place – Dani Gibson & 5th Place – Allie Cherry

7th Grade Poetry~ 2nd Place – Sheridan House

8th Grade Poetry~ 4th Place– Karson Hudman


6th Grade Prose~ 2nd Place – Dani Gibson

8th Grade Prose~ 2nd Place – Shelbie Chamblee


8th Grade Ready Writing~ 2nd Place – Krysttynna Renteria & 5th Place – Tatum McLaughlin


7th Grade Science~ 6th Place – Leah Thorp

8th Grade Science~ 6th Place – Raelee Greer


6th Grade Social Studies~ 4th Place – McKenna Gallien & 5th Place – Karlie Hudman

7th Grade Social Studies~ 5th Place – Angel Marroquin

8th Grade Social Studies~ 1st Place – Emily Engerran, 2nd Place – Jaziah Apiag & 3rd Place – Trinity Wells


6th Grade Spelling~ 5th Place – Blakelee Prince

7th Grade Spelling~ 2nd Place – Gracie Morrison

8th Grade Spelling~ 3rd Place – Aubriella Galow & 4th Place – Adriana Evans




Easter Holiday ~ No School

 Friday, April 10 & Monday, April 13th




PTO Meeting

~~~~ 2020 PTO Meeting ~~~~

January 21st

February 11th

March 17th – Cancelled

April 14th

May 12th

@ 4pm in the TMS Commons




Student of the Month

6th Grade

Delaney Foster & Rusty Evans

7th Grade

Brisa Espinosa & Quinton Vause

8th Grade

Abby Peachee & Jerry Stoneberger







Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

1.  Student drop-off and pick-up takes place on the Bus Barn side of the Middle School building.  If there are dry weather conditions, please drop-off and pick-up students at the sidewalk that leads to the front of the Middle School.

2.  In case of inclement weather, drop-off and pick-up will be at the covered sidewalk by the Band Hall doors.

3.  Please remain in line with the other vehicles.  All students must be dropped off at the sidewalk.  For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to walk across the parking lot in front of traffic.



Principal – Michael Kelley

Assistant Principal – Michael McDonald

Counselor – James Harris

Principal’s Secretary – Barbie Braud

Attendance Clerk/Registrar – Wendy Pafford

TMS Campus Calendar

Upcoming Events

School Hours

7:55 am – 3:39 pm

**Transportation Notice**

All Bus Changes must go through Transportation Department.  Please call Melanie Owens at


Changes to your student‘s transportation must be made before 2:30 pm. 


In case of inclement weather, drop-off and pick-up will be at the covered sidewalk by the Band Hall doors. 

TMS Bell Schedule

Tutorials – 7:30 – 7:50

1st period – 7:55 – 8:45

2nd period – 8:49 – 9:39

3rd period – 9:43 – 10:33

4th period – 10:37 – 11:27

5th period A – 11:27 – 11:57

5th period B – 11:57 – 12:27

5th period C – 12:27 – 12:57

6th period – 1:01 – 1:51

7th period – 1:55 – 2:45

8th period – 2:49 – 3:39

Contact Information

Tarkington Middle School
2770 FM 163
Cleveland, Texas 77327
Phone: 281-592-7737
Fax: 281-592-5241

Mission Statement

TMS Mission Statement

The mission of Tarkington Middle School is to provide opportunities to ensure each student achieves his or her greatest potential through support of these academic and citizenship elements:

Solutions to problems in preparation for the future
High standards of achievement; mastery beyond curricular basics
Opportunities for learning and growing in a holistic atmosphere
Responsible members of the community
Thoughtful actions, "think twice before you act"
Honesty in all situations
Organization skills to meet the needs of today's students
Respect for all, for yourself, and for what you do
Never losing sight of goals
Spirit to achieve and never give up

Teacher of the Month


August ~ Megan Weatherford

September ~ Karen Suggs

October ~ Cassie Carpenter

November ~ Joe Maines

December ~ Salina Shirley

January ~ Kathy Hayman

February ~ Shelby Stovall


Paraprofessional of the Month


August ~ Wendy Pafford

September ~ Courtney Pavlat

October ~ Amber Keith

November ~ Barbie Braud

December ~ Jennifer Laza

January ~ Sheila Horne

February ~ Becky Placker